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Tattooing professionally for 10 yrs. Been drawing and practicing in different mediums for as long as I can remember. Later the arts turned into the focus academically where I majored in fine art throughout community college and onto The Art Institute of Chicago where I attended for a year before going broke. The tattooing career started with a 4yr. apprenticeship from Spider Tattooz where I was taught every aspect in tattooing from A-Z . It was here that I started again from scratch unlearning everything I assumed I knew from needle making and machine building/repair to constructing and successful design that would later become a well executed tattoo. Spider relocated Spider Tattooz to Sycamore, IL and Meridian Line Tattoo was created in its place. I stayed tattooing at Meridian Line learning and growing as an artist before opening Burning Sparrow Tattoo. I am forever grateful to Spider and Darrell for all the knowledge. The apprenticeship I was given is a rarity these days. Nowadays people are shown the craft for a year and then sent packing. I was given a three year apprenticeship where I had to learn how to speak to customers before they even began to teach me how to lay down clean lettering which was just as important as a portrait. I've been eating and sleeping tattooing for 10 years now. It's what I was taught and its what I put into practice to this day.