Burning Sparrow Tattoos and Art

Welcome to the website. Everything you see has been created, drawn, and or tattooed at Burning Sparrow - click on options(upper left corner) to see tattoos and other art. At Burning Sparrow I can create a tattoo that is custom or provide traditional tattoo flash designs(with slight changes) for those who don't want to wait . We give each tattoo the attention it deserves no matter how big or small. No tattoo idea is basic or cliche. We are here to provide a service in producing clean, solid tattoos that clients will enjoy looking at for the rest of their lives.

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Burning Sparrow Tattoo
Shop #: 708-358-0058 shop hrs: Thurs-Sun 12pm-8pm. If you would like to be tattooed please leave a detailed message: if you don't leave a message we don't know you called.

If you an artist looking to set up somewhere, a portfolio is a must.